Back Pain

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Unfortunately, one of my nicknames is “last resort Chris.” I seem to attract people who have tried “everything” to help their pain, especially low back pain. Then they hear about me and come to see me as a last resort so they can avoid surgery or because nobody is left to try. And you know what? With a very simple evaluation of muscle function and posture, I constantly help people INSTANTLY relieve their pain that has been there for years.

Sounds impossible I know. But that is the beauty of muscle issues. While they can cause a lot of pain, they also can be relieved sometimes instantly with the simplest of strategies. Most of which I will show you throughout blog posts here.

Poor diagnosis of muscular issues by physicians and the medical world is partially responsible for this back pain epidemic we have. Their main treatment plan right now for muscular issues is drugs and rest, both of which are proven to actually prolong the healing process!

Is that because they don’t care? No of course not. It is because they don’t know how to assess your muscular system for imbalances and therefore cannot create a treatment program based on what will actually help you and prevent future problems.

I plan on showing you things here that you can do yourself for relieving your own back pain and become stronger than you ever imagined, PAIN FREE too.


  • Doctors and physicians are not well-trained in evaluating muscular imbalances or designing programs that bring balance to the muscles in the low back.
  • The most common treatment plans of pain killers and anti-inflammatories do not heal, they actually slow the healing process.
  • We are trained to work with your diagnosis and show you how to relieve your pain with specific exercises tailored for your type of low back disorder.
  • Although most cases of back pain resolve themselves, if nothing is done to improve the supporting muscles, then the recurrence of pain is up to 12 times as high compared to those who do specific exercises for the spinal muscles and core.
  • Endurance is more important than strength in the spinal muscles.
  • Pain does not necessarily mean damage. Severe low back pain is often from trigger points in the muscles.
  • Pain caused by muscles can persist for years and even indefinitely.
  • It is possible to get rid of low back pain by balancing the muscles that support the spine.


  • Rest is best.
  • The pain will always be there and I have to learn to live with it
  • The pain is all in my head
  • An MRI or high-tech imaging test can always identify the cause of pain.
  • I will never be able to do some of my favorite activities ever again, such as hiking, swimming, running, gardening, etc.
  • An MRI is necessary to diagnose back pain.
  • It is usually one incident that causes the pain.
  • There is a standard cure for low back pain.
  • The spine is delicate and easily injured.
  • If I have a herniated disc then I need surgery.
  • My herniated disc must be causing my symptoms.

There is no such thing as magic exercises that cure back pain. The magic is in what you do daily and most importantly what you DON’T do daily.

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